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Feeling powerless over food?

Stop beating yourself up.

Food Freedom is possible.


Does this sound like you?

  • I’ve tried everything
  • Nothing ever works for me
  • I’m tired of gaining it all back
  • I feel like shit
  • I can’t stop eating crap
  • WTF should I really eat?!?

You’re not alone.

I totally get it.

I’ve been battling my weight ever since “Like a Virgin” first hit the radio.

I tried everything from Weight Watchers, to the Can of Dog Food Diet. They all worked for about a minute. Nothing stuck.

When I was ON a plan, I was soooo strict. Of course I lost weight, but it was total willpower, and it never lasted.

I read every book, joined every program, bought every supplement. Things worked – as long as I was obsessively focused. Not fun.

Working out didn’t work either.

I did 100-mile bike rides, 1/2 marathons, sprint triathlons, hot yoga, roller derby, soccer, crossfit, kickboxing, spinning, prancercise… you name it, I tried it.

None of it kept the weight off.

1998 - Age 31 “Thank God I didn’t order my dress a size smaller. Of course I thought I would lose weight, but in the end I squeezed into this dress Scarlet O’Hara style."

But no matter what, I kept trying!

2012 “I panicked with 'I have nothing to wear' and let the LOFT saleslady talk me into this dress. I was shocked at the pic, it's not how I looked in my head."

One day a friend noticed a number scrolling on my screen and asked what it was. I was embarrassed to say it was my goal weight.

After she left, I beat myself up.

“Who am I kidding, I’ll never get to THAT NUMBER. If I couldn’t do it in my 30s or 40s – how the hell, will I now that I’m 51 and getting hot flashes?!?”

Then a miracle happened. Seriously. A miracle.


(I know it’s not supposed to be about the number, but come on, don’t you have a SECRET NUMBER too?)

What the heck changed?

I actually have a hard time explaining it.

I did this 90-day program that at first seemed like all the others but somehow it turned me into a skinny person.

And when the program was over, I CONTINUED TO LOSE WEIGHT.

That’s never happened!

Age 51 - 2018 “I can’t believe I fit into this vest I wore when I was 23! And size 4 jeans - what the hell!?! I used to wear Lane Bryant size 14.”
Age 51 - 2019 “This picture shocked me in a good way!”

By week 4 of the program, I knew it was radically different. By week 8, I was shocked at how weirdly easy it was. By week 13, I knew I had to share it with as many people as possible.

So I got certified as a Coach for the program. Then I added my special brand of coaching magic and shared it with a small group earlier this year.

Their results are amazing! And it’s not just about the weight they lost. The changes to their health also astonished us.

It’s not just about the weight…

  • I have relief from life-long digestive issues and the anxiety that has gone along with that. (I always had to know where the closest bathroom was.) I lost 16 pounds, went down two sizes, and stopped snoring – so I sleep better.
  • I saw a MASSIVE healing of my digestive tract. When I got a flare-up, which only happened 3 times as opposed to bi-weekly, it only lasted a couple of hours, not days or weeks.
  • I dropped 3 dress sizes, my arthritis is not bothering me as much, my stomach issues are non-existent, and the aches in pains in my body are mostly gone.
  • I have mental clarity and focus along with supercharged energy. I have clear skin, my hormones have regulated, bloating and inflammation has decreased, and pains from old knee, ankle and shoulder injuries are gone!
  • My life-long, chronic sinus issues have vanished, my mental clarity has doubled, and it seems like my hair is getting thicker. My fasting blood sugar numbers went from 113 to 65.

Introducing EPIC HEALTH!

This is the exact 90-day program that changed my life.

Plus, I’ve added the most powerful emotional releasing tool called Tapping, aka Emotional Freedom Technique.

AND, you’ll be totally supported as I lead you through it week-by-week, step-by-step.

This a proven system, with concrete results that comes with a money-back guarantee.

I’m not going to sugarcoat it. It won’t always be easy. Some changes will feel effortless and others will really challenge you.

That’s why I’ve also added live coaching calls with me, a safe and loving online community, and the extra emotional releasing tools so you can succeed.

And of course, I’ll have your back every step of the way!

This powerful 90-day group program includes:

  • Lifetime access to the exact videos I watched to get my results. The videos are dripped out over the 90-days and show you exactly what to do and when. The program is progressive so each step seems totally doable.
  • Plus I’ve added, a bunch of LIVE coaching calls for you to get support. To check-in, be encouraged and get your questions answered. (They’re all recorded.)
  • Weekly EFT Tapping Audios to release the emotional crap.
  • “Haul Videos” of my favorite products from places like Costco, Trader Joe’s, and Whole Foods.
  • Easy and yummy recipes that turned our nervous “I can’t cook” gal into confident “I had a dinner party for my family!”
  • The most supportive and inspiring Facebook group ever!!
  • Online journal, success tracking tools, and daily check-in forms.
  • And, you can email me for support anytime. I’ve got your back!

What makes this program so unique?

By bringing attention to what we’ve been programmed to eat, we can see exactly what’s driving us to crave the foods we know are not good for us. And guess what?!? It’s not your fault – the food industry is super manipulative. Compelling us to eat more and more and still not be satisfied.

By bringing awareness to the voices of our Food Devil and Sugar Monster, we can uncover their super sneaky craving sales tactics, so we’re not a slave to “I can’t have that” (willpower) or “I must have that.” (craving) or “I shouldn’t have that” (guilt). And we can have true FOOD FREEDOM!!

By learning about the Food Timeline, we can see how foods really make us FEEL, so we can train our brains to stop wanting foods that aren’t good for us and to start wanting foods that truly nourish and energize us.

By addressing the 6 Food Hungers, we can figure out what we are really hungry for so we can fill that hunger in a way that actually satisfies us, and not use food as a sorry replacement that never has and never will work.

By eating in alignment with the 4 natural food seasons, we can access our intuition (instead of willpower) to guide our food choices and use food to tell our bodies that it is fat-burning season. “Hey Body, it’s time to Release the Fat!”

EPIC HEALTH gave me:

  • Freedom from sugar cravings (I never thought that would be possible!)
  • Increased energy and vitality (the “why am I so tired” feeling is gone)
  • Clear, dare I say glowing skin (holy cow – my skin cleared up)
  • Deep and restful sleep (my fitbit sleep mode proves it)
  • Better focus and attention (I’m getting so much more done)
  • Hot flashes are gone (happy to delay symptoms of “the change”)
  • Fancy scale says I’m 6 years younger (I’m turning back time)
  • I’m not using my willpower (I feel like a naturally skinny person)
  • I’ve lost over 30 pounds! (and easily stay under “that goal number”)

Oh, and guess what? I conquered my Chapstick addiction, the one I’ve had since high school! That’s HUGE, but it makes sense. Breaking my “addiction” to food broke this addiction too.

The deadline to sign-up is THIS SUNDAY, July 7th.
Our first call is Monday, July 8th.

There’s a live support call every Monday at 12pm ET for 13 weeks, starting on July 8th.

Weeks 1 and 2 will have two extra calls to make sure you get off to a great start. (Wednesday, July 10th and Friday, July 19th)

Let’s do this. Sign-up ends THIS SUNDAY, July 7th!

Choose the EPIC HEALTH PLAN that’s right for you.

Four monthly payments of


One payment of


If you have any questions, email me at fiona@fionaorr.com.


I felt helpless about losing weight and didn’t know where to start! I signed up because I trust Fiona and I saw this as an opportunity for me to change those habits that I didn’t like. I am so freaking glad I signed up! It literally changed my life!

I lost 26 pounds, went from 199.4lbs to 173.6lbs. And I lost 18.2 inches total!! (Update: I’m still losing weight. I’ve lost 32 pounds now!)

I used to not cook and now I enjoy it! Also, I feel lighter and not just physically. I feel like I am more easily happy, I can smile more easily and I have more motivation in general. I am super proud of myself for doing and maintaining those changes in my life. I feel more empowered!

Also, I am way more aware of why I wanna eat something when I get cravings or urges. And I can consciously choose to either eat the food or to take care of what is underneath that urge in a healthier way. So the needs are answered in a more fulfilling way than before.

I can easily pass on chocolate, ice cream, which is a big thing for me, pizza, cheese, deserts, poutines, all kinds of food I would be tempted by before!! And if I do choose to eat something, I do it consciously, I enjoy every bite of it and I don’t feel guilty about it!


I wanted to finally lose weight and feel good about my body, my health and myself. I signed up because I had nothing to lose, I’d already tried everything else. Doing the EPIC Health program literally changed my life. I now have tools to help me eat and enjoy food that is supporting me and a healthy life. Thank you!

Over the course of the program I lost 21 lbs and dropped two sizes. My skin is clear and beautiful and, for the first time in my life – I feel thin.

My mind feels clear and focused. I can get through the day without the afternoon blues. I am excited and happy instead of feeling guilty all the time about what I shouldn’t eat. I have so much more brain capacity since I’m no longer constantly focused on negative feels and thoughts around food and body image.

The most eye-opening element of the program was learning to tune into and challenge the negative self-talk or dialogue going on subconsciously in my mind around eating and food choices.

Now I know, if I want to, I can enjoy any kind of food without judgment or guilt.


At 57,  I’m down just shy of 30 pounds doing this, and I’m not by any means 100% true to it, but what’s really cool is when I do something that I know I need to remedy, and I jump right back into doing it and my body responds literally overnight.

I know I can literally drop another 20 pounds, which is where I felt I probably should be even though I didn’t want to admit it or thought it was possible, but now I know it is.

I would say to Vicki, “I wonder what catastrophic event is going to happen to me that will cause me to HAVE to make a change in my life.”

But now this happened.

So thank God and everyone else that I didn’t have to have that catastrophic event occur to cause me to have to make changes.

And now, feeling how my body responds to everything has just been a Godsend through and through, so it’s just been, super celebration time and loving it and loving going forward with it. Absolutely loving it.  So thank you.


I signed up with the hope that I would perhaps finally lose some weight, I had been trying unsuccessfully for 10 years. I believed if anyone could help me it would be Fiona. I am so grateful that I signed up, I got so much more than weight loss.

I lost 16 pounds, I went down two sizes, I stopped snoring so now sleep better, I have relief from life long digestive issues and the anxiety that has gone with that. I feel calmer and clearer and more confident.

I thought I ate pretty well, but I learned how I was fooling myself about that, I feel like I received an amazing education on food and the food industry.

I feel like I have so much more choice with food now, and I learned how to bring consciousness to my eating and food choices. I learned new ways to prepare healthy foods, and I can taste my food so much better than I ever have before.

I realized I get to decide consciously what I will eat and what I won’t eat, even if I am eating less than perfect food, I do it with awareness, and I don’t seem to eat as much as I used to.

Lisa S.

I wanted to know what food to eat and not eat. I struggled all the time deciding what to cut out so that I could lose weight. And all the experimenting led me to my highest weight ever.

I ended the 90 days at 14 pounds down but I’m still losing. (Update: I’m down 17 pounds now.) The jeans that I was busting out of at the beginning of the program are now baggy on me.

I carry most of my weight in my lower body and it’s always felt out of proportion to me. Now everything seems to have rearranged and slimmed down and so I feel proportionate and think I look pretty damn good on a daily basis (I’ve NEVER said that about myself before) My skin is very clear. My stomach problems have gone away.

Since my focus has shifted to getting more of the good stuff in, and having clarity on what that is, my relationship with food has totally changed. I’m not mad at it anymore. And I have a different relationship with “junk food” too. I sometimes will choose to eat something that I used to enjoy, and it turns out I no longer like it. Strange, but cool!

I surprise myself at how easy it got to just say, “I don’t eat that” rather than feel like I was being deprived of something. That feels amazing.


I’ve experienced so many benefits since starting this program. A short list includes a MASSIVE healing of my digestive tract, where I can now eat fruit without getting sick, as well as so many other foods that I never was able to process or digest before! If I do get a flare up, which has only happened 3 times during the program as opposed to bi-weekly, it lasts only hours, not days or weeks.

I lost 6 pounds, 14 inches and grew a waist! I have clear skin, my hormones have regulated, with decreased bloating and inflammation in my body. Pains from old knee, ankle and shoulder injuries are gone!

More importantly, I went into this program with trepidation because of my digestive issues and not knowing if I could participate fully. Fiona had my back the entire time, supported and guided me to customize the program when I needed to and provided resources so I could have a successful experience.

I got FOOD FREEDOM and healing for my body above and beyond my wildest expectations.

Donna P.

I had been wanting to eat healthier and the timing was perfect as I was starting to feel the negative effects of my old eating habits.

Thanks to the program I’ve lost weight and inches.  I’m down 3 dress sizes. My arthritis isn’t bothering me as much and in fact, sometimes I don’t feel it at all.

My stomach issues are nonexistent, and the aches in pains in my body have been significantly reduced and are occur infrequently.

I’m feeling more confident. Little habits like biting nails and excessive lip-gloss are gone. I have much more energy and I sleep better.

I don’t feel compelled to eat sugary foods even when offered.

When traveling we don’t feel compelled to stop for unhealthy foods before our trip. We now pack healthy snacks and drinks to take along with us.


My primary concern was to get my BS balanced in order to avoid the negative consequences that come from excess sugar. I can go weeks without sugar cravings, but once it’s triggered, the cravings can be all consuming.

My weight stabilized, chronic low grade sinus issues are gone. My sense of smell is magnified and sense of taste amplified. Skin blemishes cleared up

** My husband has lost 30+lbs and is down 5 notches on his belt ~ and still making progress ~ THANK YOU FIONA!!!

I have a much deeper understanding of what emotional states trigger what kind of food cravings in my body. I can now make the CONSCIOUS CHOICE to either give in or stay strong ~ either way it’s MY choice and I’m much more in control.

The most eye-opening experience was the realization of the extent that my food cravings have been tied to my mother (who passed away several years ago) as a way for me to feel connected with her.


I signed up to take myself to the next level of health and fitness and be in the best shape I could be. The promise of eliminating the need for will power was a big factor in signing up, as well as my curiosity about the Food Devil, Food Angel, and the Sugar Monster.

I ended up losing the ever-present extra five pounds and at the last check, I lost 13 inches overall, mostly in my midsection. The cellulite has nearly disappeared.

I experienced mental clarity and focus along with supercharged energy, which felt very uplifting emotionally.

I was surprised by really looking at the sources of sugar, reading labels not for percentages, but for the actual ingredients, and then experiencing the way my taste buds woke up to how sweet things can taste on their own, and how I can recognize the added sugar in other things, like restaurant food.

I love the freedom to chose for myself what I want to eat or drink and not be swayed by outside influences like other people, situations, or emotions and choosing to feel great the next day instead of having a food hangover.


My blood pressure is steadily in “normal” range. I’ve gotten smaller as I lost fat, and my clothes fit more comfortably.

I feel lighter, less self-conscious about my weight, and more comfortable in many ways. I feel more like myself, and less hungry for taking comfort in food.

I discovered that I feel great when my body is in “deep spring”, and I even began taking a bit of interest in cooking for myself.

I can bypass eating certain “bad carbs” like pasta and pizza without missing them or feeling deprived.

I stuck with “deep spring” for almost the entire conference in late March. Before this program, I would have capitulated to eating calorie dense, fried or sugary foods because I was out of my routine.


I signed up to lose weight.  And I did. More than 10 pounds with ease. Weirdly easy, and that with tons of work lunches, poker nights, business travel, and a vacation.

I also got a new understanding of why food has always had power over me. I’m surprised by how much bad stuff is in seemingly good products.

This resulted in my becoming one of those people who don’t eat pizza or drink soft drinks, and burgers have lost their appeal entirely.

Baked goods, like cookies and donuts, don’t hold any power over me now.

My clothes fit better and my brain is clearer. My allergies, which used to kick my ass during the spring and summer, are barely noticeable, which is a huge benefit.  On top of that, my brain function is better. I don’t have any brain fog.


The 90-day program that changed my life is called WildFit!  It was so awesome that I decided to become a certified coach, so I could share the exact same WildFit videos with you.  You get everything in the WildFit program AND all the extra things I added! You can check out the WildFit website HERE

Nope.  This program uses real food from your grocery store to create permanent change. (Pro tip: a good blender will make things easier.)

Some of the food recommendations might sound similar.

Switching to a new diet whether it’s the Paleo Diet or one of about a billion other ones out there relies solely on will power to force a change in your weight. They say “eat this – don’t eat that.” And we have to somehow have to battle through our cravings to figure out how to do that.

EPIC HEALTH is VERY different.  We’ll focus on creating permanent change in your relationship with food using education, and by arming you with the tools to not only change your diet during the short term, but to conquer those voices in your head that push you to eat the crap you know is bad for you.  By the end we’ll show you how to rewire your brain to eat right for a lifetime.

And, I’ll be right there with you every step of the way.

Yep.  It’s proven successful for vegetarians and vegans.  When it’s necessary I’ll help you with suggested replacements for animal protein, and you’ll get great recipes from the online community.

First, EPIC HEALTH and WildFit aren’t medical programs and I’m not a doctor.  So nothing I’m telling you is medical advice. (Please see the Disclosure at the bottom of this page)

Some people who have participated in EPIC HEALTH and WildFit have seen improvements in some of their symptoms as a result of eating a healthier diet.

If you’re concerned AT ALL about any health issues – and I mean ANY – check with your doctor before you make any major changes to your lifestyle.  I mean it!

It’s no accident that over 90% of participants successfully completes this 90-day program. This program has been meticulously created and updated over 10 years of working with thousands of clients.

EPIC HEALTH is covered by the promise that, should you complete the entire program, you will be more than satisfied with the results you achieve and if you are not, I will be happy to offer you a full 100% refund.

For the purposes of this guarantee, ‘completing the entire program’ means:

– Watching at least 80% of the videos in their entirety.
– Completing the measurements detailed at the beginning, mid-point and end of program.
– Completing at least two ‘daily check-ins’ per week.
– Posting in the EPIC HEALTH Facebook group at least 10 times during the 90-day program.
– Providing notice of your lack of satisfaction or progress with the program by sending an email to Fiona@fionaorr.com at least 30 days prior to the end of the program.
– Uploading your beginning and ending photographs in your membership account.
– Attend at least 11 of the live coaching sessions.

If you have any questions, email me at fiona@fionaorr.com.

Sign up now! Registration ends THIS SUNDAY, July 7th!

Choose the EPIC HEALTH PLAN that’s right for you.

Four monthly payments of


One payment of